Landeros Law Firm



“Luis Landeros has been our attorney for almost two years. He is a kind and caring individual and an extremely intelligent man. His grasp of the ins and outs of Texas law is astounding. When he accepts a case he goes above and beyond what most attorneys consider adequate. Mr. Landeros works harder than anyone I know. In every case he has handled for us, he has paid attention to even the smallest detail. We feel very confident leaving our legal affairs in his hands and will continue to do so whenever the need arises. We would recommend him to all our family and friends.”


Moreno Family

Kingsville, Texas

“From my experience, Luis was courteous, amicable, reliable, efficient, and proficient. He was very attentive toward my concerns and his work is commendable. The outcome in my case could not have been better. I would highly recommend him to a friend or relative.”

Randy Chambers

Austin, Texas

“Extremely helpful throughout the whole process, they fought very hard for my case. They answered any questions I had and they were both very kind! Highly recommend”

Vanessa V.